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Pinch Hit #2 - CLAIMED

  • Apr. 20th, 2016 at 12:08 PM
We [don't] have a pinch hit!

To claim, please comment below expressing your willingness to write for this offer. Mention your AO3 name. One of us will reply to your comment should you get the pinch hit.

Comments are screened.

Request 1 by shinealightonme
The 100 (TV)
Raven Reyes, Monty Green, Nathan Miller, Fanwork type: Fanfic

Basically looking for more delinquent adventures! You can include other characters, I love them all, these are just my three faves at the moment. If you've got a story idea that focuses more on one or two of the three, that's cool too. I absolutely ship Monty/Miller (just don't make Bryan an asshole, you can just write him off, I won't mind) and I like Raven/Clarke and Raven/Wells, too. Gen is always fine. I'm not looking for Clarke/Lexa or Clarke/Bellamy.

Request 2 by shinealightonme
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Natasha Romanov, Fanwork type: Fanfic

Gosh, I love spies. Natasha gets cast as secondary or tertiary character in a lot of stories, so I'd love to see her as a lead of a story -- on Avengers business, on SHIELD business, going about whatever super spies do on their day off, etc. I love her friendship with Clint (and I'm not opposed to Clint/Natasha), and I ship Natasha/Bruce and Natasha/Sam. I'd love her hanging out with the other Marvel ladies, too: Pepper, Jane, Darcy, Carol Danvers, Maria Hill, etc. Background pairings are fine, though I'm not big on Clint/Coulson or Steve/Tony.

Request 3 by shinealightonme
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Tasha Yar, Fanwork type: Fanfic

I love Tasha, so anything that would give me more of her is great -- missing scene, pre-canon, alternate universe, back from the dead, whatever. I love seeing her be bros with Riker and Worf, and hanging with Deanna, they have such an odd couple friendship. I do ship Data/Tasha, but gen is cool too.