Space Swap 2017 edition, let's discuss

  • Jan. 3rd, 2017 at 12:50 PM
Hello spacers! Just like last year, we'll have a Space Swap. With more experience under the belt and last year's criticisms taken to heart, we are dedicating January to rules discussion and making this round better for you.

Draft schedule:
Fandom pimping post: Fri 3. Feb
Franchise wrangling post Fri 10. Feb
Noms Fri 17.2. - Fri 24.2.
Sign-ups Sun 26.2. - Sun 5.3.
Assignments out by Fri 10. Mar
Fics due: Mon 24. Apr
Reveals: Mon 1. May
Author reveals: Mon 8. May

Rules discussion

Last year, we got people expressing the wish that Space Swap would match on relationships. Now, I mentioned my other project, [community profile] coronationceremony, and a matching experiment there. Since incorporating character, relationship, and worldbuilding tags was successful there, we're asking the community: do you want this? The nominations instructions I wrote for CC are here and if you really want to see my pontifications and justifications on the system, well, that's here.
The alternative: character-only AND matching, just like last year.

Is this a space exchange or a space fandoms exchange? That is: should Original Works be in as a fandom to nominate tags to? (Something akin to how [community profile] chocolatebox does it?)

How many fanwork types? We'll have fanfic and fanart, and perhaps fanvid and podfic, but is there anything else you would like to request or make? How should multimedia stuff be counted?

And, to reiterate, we're 100% OK with RPF. (Nom it under Space Traveler RPF.) We're 100% OK with space vehicles. (Nom it under Space Vehicles.) We're 100% OK with "5-minute fandoms" like the NASA Mars Explorers Wanted posters or the NASA Visions of the Future posters or songs about how everybody everybody wants to be a astronaut or how there's a starman floating in the sky, or space-themed music videos, or short films, or, well anything. If there's space, it's a-OK.


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