The New Rules – thoughts?

  • Feb. 1st, 2017 at 4:18 PM
Here's our modifications to the rules! Previous version in the sticky. Please tell us if anything is poorly or unclearly phrased. Precise number values for nominations and sign-ups are not finalized.

Nominations and Matching

During nominations, you can nominate up to 5 fandoms and up to 15 tags (character, relationship, or worldbuilding) in each. The nominations instructions post will be up before nominations start. Please obey its instructions.

When signing up, you can request 3-8 fandoms with 1-15 tags and offer 3-10 fandoms with 2-20 tags. We will also be matching on fanwork type, chosen from a ticky box. (You will have to choose at least one of the fanwork types, but feel free to tick all.)

Prompts are useful for giving your assigned writer somewhere to start from. We recommend writing prompts for each type of fanwork you requested, either into the box provided by AO3, or into a linked "Dear Creator" letter.

Matching will be based on your requests. If you have no possible creators, you'll be an initial pinch hit. If you have no possible recipients, you'll be asked to adjust your sign-up. Matching is OR matching. You will be guaranteed to match with someone who has offered at least 1 fandom that you have requested, and within that fandom, at least 1 of the tags (character/relationship/worlbuilding) and 1 of the fanwork types you have requested.

An example
If one of your requests is Mass Effect with the tags
Character: Ashley Williams
Relationship: Urdnot Wrex/Garrus Vakarian
Worldbuilding: Citadel Sewage System

and Alice has offered Mass Effect with
Character: Ashley Williams
Character: Garrus Vakarian
you could match with Alice, because you share the Character: Ashley Williams tag. If you are matched, Alice will make you something that's about Ashley.

If Betty has offered Mass Effect with
Character: Urdnot Wrex
Character: Garrus Vakarian
Relationship: Urdnot Wrex & Garrus Vakarian
you could not match with Betty, since you do not share any tags.

Fannish Creation Requirements

The minimum requirements are:

Fic or meta - 1,000 words
Vid - 1 minute
Art - 1 finished illustration or 2 sketches on unlined paper
Podfic - 500 words of new podfic a new story, written and podficced
Other - Something of equivalent effort to the above

You are, of course, welcome to do more and longer.

Interested in making something else? Comment on the nominations/nominations clarification posts and we'll add it in.

Treats are welcome, and do not have to meet the minimum creation requirements.


We are a space exchange. This includes "five-minute fandoms" (songs, music videos, posters, etc), Space Traveler RPF, Space Vehicles RPF, and in 2017, we're trying out Original Works. Essentially: is there space travel or the implication thereof? If there is, good. If there isn't, then this isn't the exchange for it. If it's borderline, it's up to you – would you be comfortable with having it in a space exchange?


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