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Official Schedule Post

  • Feb. 2nd, 2017 at 6:02 PM
Also in the sticky. The rules update will be finalized during Monday.

Fandom pimping post: Fri 3. Feb
Franchise wrangling post: Fri 10. Feb
Nominations: Fri 17.2. - Fri 24.2.
Sign-ups: Sun 26.2. - Sun 5.3.
Assignments out by: Fri 10. Mar
Fics due: Mon 24. Apr
Reveals: Mon 1. May
Author reveals: Mon 8. May

The fandom pimping post is where we all can advertise our favorite space canons and share the joy!

The franchise wrangling post is where people who plan to request or offer a franchise (say, Star Wars) can hash out how they would like for the franchise to be subdivided. All Media Types? By era? By location? By canon installment?
It's also a place for people whose canon is wrangled oddly on AO3 (say, Gundam Wing) to give us mods a heads-up on how it actually should go. We'll fix it in the tag set review phase at latest, but it's easier to do at the approvals phase than to fix post-approvals.