Space Fest - claims

  • Sep. 18th, 2014 at 2:56 PM
Claiming Prompts

- Each prompt can be claimed twice (I won't be a stickler on this, the intent is to spread the love around).
- You may claim your own prompts.
- You may claim two prompts at a time. When finished, you are welcome to come back and claim more.
- To make a claim, leave a comment to this post with the prompt #) prompt. No need to indicate what you're going to make, but you can if you'd like.
- ETA 09/26: no need to be 'approved' for a claim. Just comment and create! If you want to edit your claim, you're welcome to do so - I'm tracking comments so I'll get a notification and can update the prompt list accordingly.

Posting completed works

You can begin posting your works immediately following claiming! Post your work anywhere you’d like and crosspost a link to this community or post directly here - whichever you prefer. We will have a collection at AO3 should you wish to include it there.

Feel free to use this template for posting at this community. Add headings like characters, word count, warnings, etc. as desired.
Prompt: (Fandom, Character or Pairing, prompt)
Media Type: (ie. fic, vid, icons, etc)

Posting will remain open until November 15th (which is the tentative date for fandom nomiations for the swap!)
For more details or questions, please see the FAQ & rule post

available prompts )