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Pinch Hit #7 - Claimed!

  • Apr. 24th, 2017 at 9:17 AM
Still some hours before the rest are due, but the deadline for this one is Wednesday 26. April, 17:00 GMT (exactly 48 hours after the rest of the gifts). Claim by commenting on this post with your AO3 username. Everyone is allowed to claim a pinch hit, regardless of whether or not they're signed up for the exchange.

Request 1 by Fearful_Captain_Biff_Elderberry
Young Justice (Cartoon)
Relationship: Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes (Young Justice), Fanfiction

Request 2 by Fearful_Captain_Biff_Elderberry
Fantastic Four (Movies 2005-2007)
Relationship: Ben Grimm/Johnny Storm (Fantastic Four Movies 2005-2007), Fanfiction

Request 3 by Fearful_Captain_Biff_Elderberry
DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV)
Character: Sara Lance (Legends of Tomorrow), Relationship: Leonard Snart/Mick Rory, Relationship: Ray Palmer/Mick Rory (DC's LoT), Relationship: Ray Palmer/Leonard Snart (DC's LoT), Relationship: Ray Palmer/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart (DC's LoT), Relationship: Sarah Lance/Original Female Character (LoT), Worldbuilding: Domestic Scenes aboard the Waverider, Worldbuilding: Pre-Chronos Survival Time as Stranded, Relationship: Rip Hunter/Gideon (LOT), Fanfiction

Request 4 by Fearful_Captain_Biff_Elderberry
Relationship: Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam, Fanfiction

Request 5 by Fearful_Captain_Biff_Elderberry
Supergirl (TV 2015)
Relationship: Jimmy Olsen/Winn Schott Jr./Clark Kent (Supergirl), Relationship: Clark Kent/Winn Schott Jr. (Supergirl), Relationship: Clark Kent/Jimmy Olsen (Supergirl), Fanfiction

Request 6 by Fearful_Captain_Biff_Elderberry
Justice League: War
Relationship: Hal Jordan/Bruce Wayne, Relationship: Billy Batson/Victor Stone, Fanfiction

Request 7 by Fearful_Captain_Biff_Elderberry
Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
Relationship: Armitage Hux/Kylo Ren | Ben Solo, Fanfiction

Request 8 by Fearful_Captain_Biff_Elderberry
DCU (Comics)
Relationship: Hal Jordan/Thaal Sinestro, Fanfiction