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Pinch Hit #8 – Claimed!

  • Apr. 24th, 2017 at 8:02 PM
The deadline has passed. We have one pinch hit for now. Others may appear as we check through the archive for placeholders.

This one's deadline is Wednesday 26. April, 17:00 GMT. To claim, comment on this post with your AO3 username.

Request 1 by rosefox
Relationship: Fionnbarr Aoibhell/Basilea of Fomor, Worldbuilding: Keltic-Fomori Relations, Worldbuilding: Alphor after the war, Relationship: Morwen Douglas & Roderick Douglas, Relationship: Gwydion ap Arawn & Arianeira of Gwynedd, Relationship: Fionnbarr Aoibhell/Emer ní Kerrigan, Relationship: Aeron Aoibhell/Gwydion ap Arawn/Roderick Douglas, Relationship: Aeron Aoibhell/Gwydion ap Arawn, Relationship: Aeron Aoibhell & Morwen Douglas, Relationship: Aeron Aoibhell & Arianeira of Gwynedd, Relationship: Aeroin Aoibhell & Sabia ní Dalaigh, Character: Sabia ní Dalaigh, Character: Morwen Douglas, Character: Gwydion ap Arawn, Character: Aeron Aoibhell, Fanart, Fanfiction

ANYTHING ANYTHING ANYTHING I WILL TAKE IT ALLLLLL. If you are pinch hitting and willing to try an untested fandom, I will buy you copies of the first three Keltiad books. (100% serious offer. Contact me via a #yuletide chat hippo or ask a third party to send me an LJ/DW message.) I am so desperate for fic in this world I cannot even tell you.

Okay, my dream is poly Aeron/Gwydion/Rhodri (PLEASE) (PRETTY PLEASE) (that honeymoon though) but seriously ANYTHING in this fandom would make me THE HAPPIEST.

I'd prefer fics that stick close to canon in both content and style, except that Keltia clearly needs more queer people and some of the Kelts clearly were queer and you should feel free to queer it the fuck up.

Siblings are very very very kind of sketchily intimately close on Keltia, and Aeron marries not one but two foster-relations, so although I would not usually be into siblingcest, if you can make me believe Gwydion/Arianeira hatesex then go for it. I'm also fine with Aeron/Morwen and what the hell, even Aeron/Arianeira. But no Rhodri/Morwen or Aeron/any of her blood siblings, please, and no dubcon or noncon.

DNW: see letter.

PLEASE NOTE: letter is stored on Google Drive, so to protect anonymity, please log out of Google or open an incognito window before reading it!


Request 2 by rosefox
Doctor Who & Related Fandoms
Relationship: Third Doctor & Jo Grant, Relationship: Second Doctor & Victoria Waterfield, Relationship: Jamie McCrimmon & Victoria Waterfield, Relationship: Ian Chesterton & Susan Foreman & Barbara Wright, Character: Second Doctor, Character: Third Doctor, Character: First Doctor, Worldbuilding: Multiple Doctors at Once, Worldbuilding: Travelling in the Tardis, Relationship: Third Doctor & Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvid

I really adore the First, Second, and Third Doctors. I've watched all the extant eps and recons, and read a lot of the novelizations. Anything in the spirit of the original series would make me very happy, including "missing scenes" from episodes, pre/post-episode adventures, and all-new work. I love time travel paradoxes, weird new worlds, and interesting aliens. I'd prefer for problems to be solved through cleverness, diplomacy, or kindness, and nothing more violent than a bit of Venusian karate or being zapped by a Dalek.

I ran out of tags to suggest, so there's no character tag for the Master, but I am always game for him to show up in one way or another. Also future Doctors, past companions, and historical figures. Your budget is bigger than the BBC's, so have fun with the costumes and scenery and special effects!

For this fandom I strongly prefer gen; no sex, please, they're British. No Doctor/companion romance, please.

I've never requested a fanvid before, so I have no idea what sorts of things one requests! My particular favorite genres are big band jazz (pre-1950) and late 80s/early 90s pop (Roxette, Frankie Goes to Hollywood); my favorite bands (the ones I can listen to the entire catalog on endless loop forever) are TMBG, Alice in Chains, Oingo Boingo, and Dream Theater (until Mike Portnoy left, after which they went to shit). Yes, this is a weird list. Some specific ideas, if that's useful:

- A Third Doctor & Brigadier argument montage to TMBG's "No!", because it's funny.
- TMBG's "Your Own Worst Enemy" with multiple Doctors.
- A regeneration montage to TMBG's "Good to Be Alive" or Alice in Chains's "Rain When I Die", depending on your mood.
- Something dramatic using Dream Theater's "Misunderstood", which feels so much like both the Doctor and the Master and their struggles in the human realm. "How can I know so many, never really knowing anyone?"
- Doctor Who in the TARDIS is literally the "Man in the Box" so if you want to have punny fun with that Alice in Chains song, go for it.
- While we're punning, there's always Dream Theater's "Take the Time".
- An angsty video of the Doctor missing Gallifrey, to Dream Theater's "Endless Sacrifice".
- Third Doctor and Jo (probably my favorite companion) montage, or First Doctor and Susan, to Dream Theater's "I Walk Beside You". Honestly, this song could work for any companion who plays a real supportive role to the Doctor. "Let me be the one who understands, be the one to carry you."
- Third Doctor and Jo, or Third/Fourth Doctor and the Brigadier, fighting and making up to Alice in Chains's "Put You Down".
- The Second Doctor to Alice in Chains's "Got Me Wrong"—something about its mix of despair and cheerfulness just fits him.

For longer/more epic vids it's fine to include Doctors up to Ten. I'm allergic to Eleven and haven't watched Twelve.

Feel free to trim long songs at some appropriate point; I promise I am not asking for 12-minute prog rock fanvids.

I'm fine with tearjerkers and a particular sucker for First Doctor and Susan farewell tearjerkers. I love clever confluences of visuals and lyrics, but vids that are more thematic than illustrative are fine. I'm very aware of the quality limitations of the available footage for the early Doctors so please don't stress about that.

DNW: see letter.

PLEASE NOTE: letter is stored on Google Drive, so to protect anonymity, please log out of Google or open an incognito window before reading it!


Request 3 by rosefox
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Relationship: Odo/Kira Nerys, Relationship: Kira Nerys/Odo, Relationship: Benjamin Sisko & Jake Sisko, Relationship: Jadzia Dax/Worf (DS9), Relationship: Jadzia Dax/Worf, Relationship: Jadzia Dax/Benjamin Sisko (DS9), Relationship: Curzon Dax & Benjamin Sisko, Relationship: Julian Bashir/Elim Garak/Miles O'Brien, Relationship: Julian Bashir/Elim Garak (DS9), Relationship: Julian Bashir/Miles O'Brien, Worldbuilding: Klingon Hug Dungeon, Worldbuilding: Life on Deep Space Nine, Worldbuilding: Holosuite adventures, Worldbuilding: Holosuite Mishaps, Relationship: Jadzia Dax/Kira Nerys (DS9), Fanfiction

I would love just about anything written in this setting. For the slash pairings, get as raunchy as you like. But I'd be just as happy with Sisko and Jake playing baseball or Odo and Kira solving a mystery. AUs and crossovers are fine. Characters from TNG showing up are fine. Julian/Miles/Garak/Odo/Kira/Dax on a bed of tribbles: definitely fine. Klingon hug dungeon would be THE MOST FINE (google the phrase for context if you haven't previously encountered the term). Go to town.

I have a very specific fondness for stories where Jadzia Dax and other symbiont-bearing Trills use they/them pronouns. Specifically, Jadzia is she/her, Dax is e/em or some other nongendered pronoun, and Jadzia Dax is they/them. If this happens to happen in your fic I will be THRILLED.

DNW: see letter.

PLEASE NOTE: letter is stored on Google Drive, so to protect anonymity, please log out of Google or open an incognito window before reading it!


Request 4 by rosefox
Original Work
Worldbuilding: Non-Earthlike Planetary Environments, Worldbuilding: First Time in Space, Worldbuilding: Alien Culture Clash, Worldbuilding: Trapped/Lost/Castaway, Worldbuilding: Medical Drama in Space, Worldbuilding: First Contact, Worldbuilding: Faster-Than-Light Travel, Worldbuilding: Diplomacy in Space, Worldbuilding: Alien Planet, Relationship: Alien/Space Adventurer, Character: Space Adventurer, Character: Alien, Fanfiction

I really love first contact stories, especially those about respectfully negotiating language and cultural barriers. I do not like aggressive war/colonization stories that are all about "us" against "them".

I'm a total sucker for trapped/lost/castaway stories. I particularly love The Mysterious Island and if you want to straight-up do The Mysterious Island In Space, I will be delighted. My favorite elements of these stories include people respectfully learning about their environments rather than marching in as colonizers, questioning what they recreate from their home cultures and why, making do with what they have, employing their skills in unconventional and creative ways, and coping with the psychological effects of being isolated and stranded. I'd prefer a small group of castaways rather than a solo character, since the interpersonal dynamics are really interesting.

I would very much like to see non-white, queer, and trans people in space. Stories that have no white or cishet people in them are great. Stories that have no humans at all in them are also great; give me culture clashes between alien cultures, within alien cultures. Stories that examine and subvert the racial undertones of most SF about aliens are my jam.

In general, I like optimistic stories about generally decent people. But that's not a hard and fast rule, just a preference.

DNW: see letter.

PLEASE NOTE: letter is stored on Google Drive, so to protect anonymity, please log out of Google or open an incognito window before reading it!


Request 5 by rosefox
Steven Universe (Cartoon)
Worldbuilding: Gem fusion, Relationship: Ruby/Sapphire, Character: Stevonnie, Character: Steven Universe, Character: Pearl, Character: Garnet, Character: Amethyst, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvid

For this fandom I love fun and cute and playful stories with some subtle emotional heft—like the show, basically! I'm fine with either a one-shot thing, along the lines of "Cat Fingers" or "Garnet's Universe", or something tied into the larger series arc. Super obvious moral-of-the-story endings make me yawn. I'd prefer canonical rather than AU, but if AU is your thing, go for it.

Inclusion of Stevonnie or other fusions (or Ruby and Sapphire) would make me super super happy; I'd like to know more about what being a fusion feels like. I would love something giving Bismuth a chance to grow and change and redeem herself. I am very annoyed with how the show has treated her. I'd also like to see what happened between Lapis and Peridot between "Ugh, I'm supposed to live with HER?" and "This is our meepmorp installation!"; the canon hasn't really made me believe in that friendship, so fics that fill in the missing relationship development would be great. Stories showing Greg being his splendid awesome self are lovely. And any and all stories that dig into Steven's feelings about Rose are very very welcome.

For fan art, any artistic style is fine; definitely no need to mimic the visual style of the show. I love all kinds of visual interpretations of SU, and it's really interesting to see what the artist considers the essential characteristics of the characters. What would they look like as cats, or plants, or Lovecraftian monsters? Have fun with it.

Series note: I have seen the entire series except the Uncle Grandpa episode. You can expect me to be fully up to date with whatever episodes come out between now and when fics are revealed.

DNW: see letter. No sexual content at all for fic or art in this setting, please.

PLEASE NOTE: letter is stored on Google Drive, so to protect anonymity, please log out of Google or open an incognito window before reading it!