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Pinch Hit #4 – claimed!

Our first of the season. To claim, comment with your AO3 username. First come, first serve. Due Mon 24. Apr 17:00 GMT.
(We also have one left over from matching.)

Request 1 by Mareel
Mass Effect
Relationship: Kaidan Alenko/Male Shepard, Relationship: Male Shepard & Hannah Shepard, Relationship: Male Shepard & David Anderson, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvid

For all Mass Effect requests - Destroy ending only, in which Shepard lives (if the story refers to or deals with the ending.)

Kaidan Alenko/male Shepard - I'd love a story about any aspect of their relationship, and any stage of it, from attraction/pining in ME1 to realization of what they mean to each other by ME3. Their recovery from the war and their life together post-war (destroy ending only). Growing older together.

male Shepard & Hannah Shepard - Explore any aspect of Shepard's relationship with his mother. She turned down a promotion to admiral after his death, in order to honor his memory. I'd love to know more about that. And about her feelings about him being alive again... and apparently working with Cerberus in ME2. After the war, did they have a chance to spend some time together?

male Shepard & David Anderson - Their mentor/protege relationship that grew into friendship. How did they deal with Shepard's Cerberus association in ME2? What about during Shepard's detention in Vancouver? I always felt that he was supportive, but his hands were tied and his options limited. How limited? I was intrigued that Anderson had Shepard's dogtags with him when he told Shepard to take the Normandy and reinstated him.

Characterization: I prefer Shepard as Sheploo, mostly paragon, and with a spacer background. His Class and Military history are your choice, if they matters.

I only ship him with Kaidan and really like the slow deepening of their (admitted) relationship based on the friendship and trust they developed in ME1. That doesn't mean they weren't attracted, or pining, or even flirting before they actually get together. I'd love to hear about it! When did they realize their feelings were love?

Likes: Relationship-centric or character driven stories, the quiet moments, the small slices of life. Characters being there for each other physically or emotionally - in a way that remains true to their established personalities. Hurt/comfort and mild angst are fine, but I strongly prefer an ending that is happy or at least hopeful.

Do Not Want: Non-canon character death, infidelity, bdsm or other sexual kinks, graphic violence or torture, non/dubcon, abusive behavior, character bashing, AUs, any other ships for either Shepard or Kaidan.

For stories featuring the non-romantic relationships, it's not necessary for Shepard to be involved in a romance with anyone. But if he is, only Kaidan please.

Note: I welcome fanfiction, fanart or fanvids! (And I just want to mention that I keep imagining a fanvid for Anderson & mShepard set during their last moments together on the Citadel and based on the song "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables.)

Request 2 by Mareel
Star Trek: Enterprise
Relationship: Jonathan Archer/Malcolm Reed (ENT), Relationship: Malcolm Reed & Madeline Reed, Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvid

Jonathan Archer/Malcolm Reed - I love them at any point in their relationship, but I especially like established relationships. Post-canon/futurefic is great - how did they chose to manage their personal and professional needs and obligations? What about a well-deserved romantic shoreleave or vacation together?

Malcolm Reed & Madeline Reed - They were close from childhood. His sister was pretty much the only family member Malcolm confided in about his dreams and fears, and the first person he came out to when he realized he was gay. They've stayed in touch after he was posted to Enterprise. Letters between them would be great!

Likes: In general, I love relationship-centric stories, slice-of-life, future-fic, how their pasts influenced their present relationships, and happy or hopeful endings. Hurt/comfort or light angst (resolved) is fine, as is happy fluff, so long as the characterizations feel right. Canon-related time travel themes are welcome. Any rating is fine!

Do Not Want: Character death, infidelity, mpreg, bdsm or other sexual kinks, non/dubcon, violence, torture, unhappy endings. No non-canon related AU's and nothing involving the Mirror Universe or Section 31. I only ship Malcolm with Archer, so no other ships for either of them.

Request 3 by Mareel
Character: Zoe Washburne, Relationship: Malcolm Reynolds & Zoe Wasburne, Fanfiction

Post-Serenity timeframe: Zoe tries to rebuild her life. Friendships and how friends might help in this process. Facing the prospect of being a single mother, with a full spectrum of feelings from joy to terror. Families of choice.

Zoe is a strong woman, sometimes too proud to ask for the help and support she'd appreciate from her friends. No romantic or sexual relationships, please (aside from any flashbacks or memories).

Memories/flashbacks to her life with Wash are welcome.

Do Not Want: Non-canon character death, graphic violence/torture, AU, unresolved angst. ending that is at least hopeful