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Pinch Hit #1

  • Mar. 21st, 2016 at 9:00 AM
Assignments are out! We have one initial pinch hit from matching.

To claim, please comment below expressing your willingness to write for this offer. Mention your AO3 name. One of us will reply to your comment should you get the pinch hit.

Comments are screened.


Request 1 by ExtraPenguin
<strong>Eschaton novels - Charles Stross</strong>
Fanwork type: Fanfic, Any Character

We get to see Rachel on one assignment, as well as dealing with a nuclear threat. How have her other assignments gone? Where has she been sent? How has she dealt with other people threatening to use their nuke(s)?
How did Rubenstein deprogram his son? How did their life go?

Request 2 by ExtraPenguin
<strong>Honor Harrington Series - David Weber</strong>
Denis LePic, Thomas Theisman, Fanwork type: Fanfic

Theisman and LePic's relationship during any point of canon! I ship it, but you don't have to. I'd like to hear your take on their initial Commissioner-Officer relationship, how it changed in the preparations and aftermath of the coup, what it was like building the Republic, what it's like post-Giancola. Have they ever disagreed politically? What have they argued about?

Request 3 by ExtraPenguin
<strong>The Long Earth Series - Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter</strong>
Fanwork type: Fanfic, Any Character

Is Venus Long? More expeditions to Marses East and West. Tell me everything about the alt-biologies and planetscapes!

Request 4 by ExtraPenguin
<strong>The Quantum Thief - Hannu Rajaniemi</strong>
Fanwork type: Fanfic, Any Character

Post-canon, what is Mieli doing in her new universe? How does the rest of humanity react to the sudden absence of the zoku?
What are the Sobornost's Founders' political conflicts and clashes like?

Request 5 by ExtraPenguin
<strong>Spin Trilogy - Chris Moriarty</strong>
Fanwork type: Fanfic, Any Character

What did Major Catherine Li do pre-canon? (On Gilead, in a tech raid, some other place?) What does she do post-canon with Router/Decomposer in her head?
I would also like a happy ending for Arkasha and Arkady, or some more descriptions of their work on Novalis.

Request 6 by ExtraPenguin
<strong>Valor Series - Tanya Huff</strong>
Torin Kerr, Fanwork type: Fanfic

Either the pre- or post-canon adventures of Torin Kerr! Does Firiv'vrak the Artek pilot from book 4 return? What obstacles do the Elder Races throw in front of Torin?
(I would prefer it if you don't include Craig/minimize his role in the story. I would be thrilled if Werst or one of the other Krai turned up, though.)

Request 7 by ExtraPenguin
<strong>Europa Report (2013)</strong>
Fanwork type: Fanfic, Fanwork type: Fanvid, Any Character

Loving exposition on the landscape, astrobiology, orbital mechanics, anything. Lots of science, discussion and detailed analysis of what exactly is going on in this ice sample etc.
Everyone Lives Via SCIENCE!! (cf The Martian) AU is welcome, as is the First Contact With Europan Aliens AU, though preferrably more along the lines of "we send each other prime numbers" than "Vulcans speaking English".

I really dig the journey of discovery aspects, and the whole "we continue with the mission" attitude despite setbacks. I am very much into the Science! scenes and could basically squee forever about it.
Viddy prompts: Nightwish's Sagan is a nice song that would fit my squeefeelings nicely. Feel free to also include other space-y material as necessary (visualizations of the solar system, archive footage of Apollo launches, scenes from other movies with equivalent space travel, those nice scientifically accurate black hole renders known as Interstellar (2014)...)