Pinch Hit list

  • Apr. 13th, 2015 at 8:10 AM
Good morning!!
Thank you for all the participants who've gotten their works posted! Congratulations! The collection is looking pretty awesome with many space-related things. :)

Below are some pinch hit opportunities. I will make a tumblr post and edit it in as well. TUMBLR POST for reblogging/promoting
If anyone has any suggestions on where to promote these, please feel free (to promote and/or direct me there). Many popular fandoms are included and you do not need to have been a participant in the original exchange to claim a pinch hit. Several pinch hits have 'Dear Spacer' letters containing additional details/prompts/enticements. :)
Comment to here if you'd like to claim a pinch hit. First come, first serve and comments are screened.
Pinch hits will be due April 23rd.

Pinch Hit #3

Pinch Hit #4

Pinch Hit #5

Pinch Hit #6

THANK YOU, PINCH HITTERS!!! You are awesome!


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