• Mar. 5th, 2017 12:50 am (UTC)
AO3 name: mlraven
Letter: http://mlravenyuletide.livejournal.com/1813.html

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies):
Character: Jaylah
Relationship: James T. Kirk/Leonard “Bones” McCoy/Spock (AOS)
Relationship: James T. Kirk/Leonard “Bones” McCoy (AOS)
Relationship: Jaylah & James T. Kirk
Relationship: Jaylah & Leonard “Bones” McCoy
Relationship: Jaylah & Montgomery Scott
Relationship: Jaylah & Nyota Uhura & Gaila
Relationship: Nyota Uhura & James T. Kirk
Worldbuilding: Jaylah joins the Enterprise crew
Worldbuilding: Jaylah at Starfleet Academy

Dark Matter (TV):
Relationship: Nyx Harper/Two | Portia Lin (Dark Matter)
Relationship: Two | Portia Lin/The Android (Dark Matter)
Relationship: Three | Marcus Boone/Two | Portia Lin (Dark Matter)
Relationship: Two | Portia Lin/Three | Marcus Boone/Delaney Truffault (Dark Matter)
Relationship: Two | Portia Lin/Three | Marcus Boone/The Android (Dark Matter)

Stargate Atlantis:
Character: Laura Cadman
Character: Lindsey Novak
Relationship: John Sheppard & Jack O’Neill
Relationship: John Sheppard/Jack O’Neill/Daniel Jackson
Relationship: Laura Cadman & Rodney McKay
Relationship: Lindsey Novak & Jack O’Neill
Worldbuilding: Atlantis as independent colony
Relationship: Radek Zelenka/Evan Lorne
Character: Evan Lorne
Relationship: Sam Carter & Lindsey Novak
Relationship: Evan Lorne/Lindsey Novak
Relationship: John Sheppard/Evan Lorne
Character: Radek Zelenka

Stargate SG-1:
Relationship: Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard (SG-1)
Relationship: Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard/Evan Lorne (SG-1)
Relationship: Daniel Jackson/Jack O’Neill (SG-1)
Relationship: Jack O’Neill/Daniel Jackson/Evan Lorne (SG-1)
Relationship: Jack O’Neill/Evan Lorne (SG-1)
Relationship: Jack O’Neill/Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson
Relationship: Sam Carter & John Sheppard (SG-1)
Relationship: Teal’c & Sam Carter

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