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Welcome to Space Swap!

  • Feb. 6th, 2016 at 12:42 PM
Space Swap is a multimedia exchange for fandoms of all sorts (books to RPF to music videos to etc.). The one criterion for inclusion is that the fandom be related to SPACE.

We'll be running this along typical exchange lines: participants will sign up with requests and offers, will be matched via AO3, and will receive an assignment. By signing up, participants agree to make a fannish creation for their assigned participant. In turn, someone will make a fannish creation for them. You will need an AO3 account to participate.

We'll kick off the swap with a fandom recruitment phase in which everyone can wax poetic about their favourite space fandoms in the hopes of recruiting new fans. Following that we’ll hold nominations to get a set of fandoms for our swap, and then we’ll have sign-ups and be off and running!
Note on treats: They are very welcome, and don't have to to fulfil the minimum creation requirements that main gifts do.

Nominations and Matching

During nominations, you can nominate up to 5 fandoms and up to 15 tags (character, relationship, or worldbuilding) in each. The nominations instructions post will be up before nominations start. Please obey its instructions.

When signing up, you can request 3-8 fandoms with 1-15 tags and offer 3-10 fandoms with 2-20 tags. We will also be matching on fanwork type, chosen from a ticky box. (You will have to choose at least one of the fanwork types, but feel free to tick all.)

Prompts are useful for giving your assigned writer somewhere to start from. We recommend writing prompts for each type of fanwork you requested, either into the box provided by AO3, or into a linked "Dear Creator" letter.

Matching will be based on your requests. If you have no possible creators, you'll be an initial pinch hit. If you have no possible recipients, you'll be asked to adjust your sign-up. Matching is OR matching. You will be guaranteed to match with someone who has offered at least 1 fandom that you have requested, and within that fandom, at least 1 of the tags (character/relationship/worlbuilding) and 1 of the fanwork types you have requested.

An example
If one of your requests is Mass Effect with the tags
Character: Ashley Williams
Relationship: Urdnot Wrex/Garrus Vakarian
Worldbuilding: Citadel Sewage System

and the medium

and Alice has offered Mass Effect with
Character: Ashley Williams
Character: Garrus Vakarian

and the mediums

you could match with Alice, because you share the Character: Ashley Williams tag and the Fanart medium. If you are matched, Alice will make you a fanart of Ashley.

If Betty has offered Mass Effect with
Character: Urdnot Wrex
Character: Garrus Vakarian
Relationship: Urdnot Wrex & Garrus Vakarian

and the medium
you could not match with Betty, since you do not share any tags.

If Carol has offerend Mass Effect with
Character: Ashley Williams
Character: Urdnot Wrex
Character: Garrus Vakarian

and the medium
you could not match with Carol, since despite sharing the Character: Ashley Williams tag, you do not share a medium.

Fannish Creation Requirements

The minimum requirements are:

Fic or meta - 1,000 words
Vid - 1 minute
Art - 1 finished illustration or 2 sketches on unlined paper, 400×400 px
Podfic - 500 words of a new story, written and podficced
Other - Something of equivalent effort to the above

You are, of course, welcome to do more and longer.

Lineart is equivalent to a sketch. "Finished illustration" means that it has color or shading, and some sort of background.

Interested in making something else? Comment on the nominations/nominations clarification posts and we'll add it in.

Treats are welcome, and do not have to meet the minimum creation requirements.


We are a space exchange. This includes "five-minute fandoms" (songs, music videos, posters, etc), Space Traveler RPF, Space Vehicles RPF, and in 2017, we're trying out Original Works. Essentially: is there space travel or the implication thereof? If there is, good. If there isn't, then this isn't the exchange for it. If it's borderline, it's up to you – would you be comfortable with having it in a space exchange?

Schedule & Contact Info

2017 Schedule

All times 17:00 GMT.
Fandom pimping post: Fri 3. Feb
Franchise wrangling post: Fri 10. Feb
Nominations: Fri 17.2. - Fri 24.2.
Sign-ups: Sun 26.2. - Sun 5.3.
Assignments out by: Fri 10. Mar
Fics due: Mon 24. Apr
Reveals: Mon 1. May
Author reveals: Mon 8. May

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment on this post or PM the mods, [personal profile] extrapenguin on DW and [ profile] guineamania and [ profile] canadiandiamond on LJ, and we'll do our best to address them.

Currently on: Read/look at all the things!
Next up: Feedback post up soonish.



nrgburst: (watney do the math)
[personal profile] nrgburst wrote:
May. 7th, 2017 11:58 pm (UTC)
May I ask a question? Why is the time between reveals so long? I got through the archive in a day because it's just not that big and there are a lot of fandoms I'm not familiar with and/or not interested in. With so few people participating/so few works, it just seems unnecessarily long to me? Is there a reason for being unrevealed/anon for ages? I think it's depressing the number of hits some works get, because they pop up on like, the 8th page of filters once they go up.
extrapenguin: Picture of the Horsehead Nebula, with the horse wearing a hat and the text "MOD". (ssmod)
[personal profile] extrapenguin wrote:
May. 8th, 2017 06:40 am (UTC)
Some people's schedules are busy, and we want to give them the chance to savor the collection as well – even if they know all/most of the fandoms involved. Additionally, when we plan the schedules, we have no idea whether the number of sign-ups will be 10 or 100. Also, it's more convenient to have everything on the same day of the week on the modly end.

If they're on the 8th page of filters, that is a function of posting date, which has nothing to do with how long the anon period is.

(BTW, nice icon!)
nrgburst: (Default)
[personal profile] nrgburst wrote:
May. 8th, 2017 07:18 am (UTC)
That makes sense. Honestly, I have no idea how work intensive it is to organize/open a collection! Much appreciate all the work that went on behind the scenes!

If they're on the 8th page of filters, that is a function of posting date, which has nothing to do with how long the anon period is.

Yes, those are two separate issues: reveals came the scheduled week after the submit date, and I realized that I could change the (sad
and sorry) number of hits after a mod on another exchange posted a reminder to change the posting date once that collection opened. Only affects bigger fandoms, I think, but it made a huge difference!

I'm also saying that with a known small number of participants, a lengthy wait time on both seemed excessive. (Although maybe I'm just impatient!)

And thanks! :D
extrapenguin: Picture of the Horsehead Nebula, with the horse wearing a hat and the text "MOD". (ssmod)
[personal profile] extrapenguin wrote:
May. 8th, 2017 08:11 am (UTC)
Opening it is just ticking a few checkboxes; the organizing is the big work. The bulk of the effort is in tagset managing and finding pinch hits.

Thanks for the feedback; I think I'll add a reminder on redating to next round's reveals post. I don't think the week's anon period will change, but feel free to give more feedback on the feedback post that's coming up tomorrow/Wednesday.